Tuesday, October 7, 2014

#inktober day 2

i've been toying with this idea for a while...  wondering what words templeton would have found for charlotte today...

#inktober day 1

missing chicago...

Monday, September 8, 2014


life in so cal progresses.... :)  i realize now that i may have to revisit other creative processes to challenge myself... and hopefully meet other like minded spirits...  so i got out a micron pen and this doodle emerged...  a good sign...  :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2014


i bought this roxanne - victory pattern a while ago when we first got them in at the needle shop.  i had a difficult time deciding on fabrics until my last few days of working at the shop.  *sadhorns*  i liked the flowy look of the top, the crisp collar and the asymetrical hemline.

i picked two voile/lawn weight (lightweight) fabrics that were about 60" wide.  i think i purchased approx 3/4 yds of the black and 1  3/4 yds of the pyramid fabric.  

i decided to try version 2 first.  the layout instructions were slightly confusing as you can see below:

in the cutting instructions, you are directed to cut 2 pcs of pattern piece I out of interfacing.  however, in the diagram under interfacing, the pattern piece J is pictured.  then later, in the sewing instructions, the pattern piece I is referenced again...  so, i cut per the cutting and sewing instructions and ignored the diagram...  :)  also, i recommend taking the time to mark and notch wherever indicated.  no short cuts, newbies!!!

regarding the sewing instructions, i ignored the first one, indicating that the edges of some pattern pieces be finished beforehand...  i just french seamed everything.... i'm sure this would make the project take longer than usual and be more difficult for a beginner, but i prefer the look of these seams...   

and as i went along, i realized that french seams complemented the top...  between the care taken to create the pocket, the pleated collar and the simple, clean beauty of the facings and back pleats, the pressing and understitching, etc...  zig zagged or serged seams just didn't ring true for me...

i really enjoyed making this top and will definitely make more. if you haven't made this top, i highly recommend it!  it was a lot of fun and worth the time and effort.  i think the only thing i'd do differently next time is adding the bias to the armholes BEFORE sewing up the side seams.  it was awwwwwkward...  :)

and here she is!  she's a beauty and i cannot wait to take her out for a twirly test drive!  :)


thanks for stopping by!

Friday, July 25, 2014

as you wish...

moving boxes are slowly disappearing and we all seem to be settling in nicely....  my son is in full nesting mode and asked me the other day if i could make curtains to transform his bunk to look like a sleeping compartment on a train...

i replied, "as you wish..."  

both son and cat approved.  :)

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

hey chicago...

hey chicago,

so, i just wanted to touch base...  because this time tomorrow, i'll be boarding a plane to cali.

i'm kinda amazed at how emotional i am at this move...  back in '95, when i left for sf, i couldn't leave fast enough...  there was just one too many deaths, unhappy endings, and personal failures...  i realize now how angry and desperate i was when i left that time... 

i became whole again and healed during my time away but i'm thankful that since moving back in '01, we've mended the bridge that i burned.  thank you for forgiving and forgetting and welcoming me home.

i shouldn't be surprised since you welcomed me into the world. you were there for my first tooth, my first step, my first potty parade...

you played with me under the streetlights in the illegal water spray of a fire hydrant while harry announced a cubs game on wgn (go sox!)....  we rollerskated at rainbo ate bowls of ice cream at zephyrs...  we shoplifted funyuns...  we watched movies at the milford....  we performed my solo at the mwhs talent show... we danced at medusas and ate cheese fries at muskies...  and graduated to rainbo club and marie's rip tide....  we shopped with michael jackson and siouxsie and the banshees at fao schwarz... and sprinkled in all our trips to the art institute, the shedd, eating ice cream at the msi...  that taste of chicago year, when i knew someone who worked at every booth and saw squeeze for free.... we danced with mc hammer in that bar in new orleans... we studied with gwendolyn brooks at columbia...  we whispered about our first kisses, our first loves and first heartbreaks while listening to sly and the family stone, on the hood of your car at the lake...

thanks for coming out to meet dj and to witness our marriage in sf...  and thanks for joining me in welcoming my children into the world too...  

and here we are, just a few blocks from where i was born...  

to be honest, i've kinda been avoiding you, because i know that i will break into tears when i see you...  just like i am, right now, as i type this...  but i just wanted you to know, that i think about you ALL THE TIME and will miss you terribly (to list the things i will miss about you will take a millenia...  and i type and edit with glacier speed...) while in california...  

i will experience something new, awful, and/or funny and will turn to you and not find you there...  and no, a facebook post is a poor substitute for you....  because you are brilliant, and funny and loving and supportive and there is no one else like you.

so, please send me off with good, happy thoughts and positivity and love, i leave all of that and inifintely more with you too...  

i close with one request... somewhere out there is another woman.... and she may have a family.... she may even arrive in chicago, the same day i leave...  please welcome her/them.   please don't be shy, show them around,  and not just the landmarks or weiners circle....   ask them over for your block party and teach them how to play cornhole, catch fireflies, ride bikes under the vast canopies of trees, meet them out at a SOX game, dance, drink and eat pizza and hot dogs with them....  

'cause if i meet her at o'hare, i'm gonna say "i gotta guy", and i'll be referring to you... you are my treasure, i want to share that wealth...

i will see you later, chicago.

be careful, be good, be nice, 

Friday, May 9, 2014

gifts for mrs. q & ms. m

new reversible bags!

for mrs. q: beautiful fabric designed by eloise renouf. i modified a bag pattern from very purple person blog. i loved how this one turned out, i may make another one for the shop. i hope paloma's teacher liked it.

for ms. m: beautiful fabrics by sarah jane studios wee wander nature walk in coral and leah duncan geos in deep marina.  all fabrics purchased at the needle shop.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

bubble top

saw this really cute designer closeout knit at the needle shop.   i also purchased the pattern there: simplicity 2653.  super easy! i love the weight and movement in this knit!

Sunday, March 16, 2014

third time's a charm...

i used another malong to make this schoolhouse tunic. it fits, i love the pattern and colors... i just love everything about it!! it's a great dress that i will put to good use as the seasons transition. this will most likely be the only picture with me in it... hopefully! :)


Wednesday, February 12, 2014

schoolhouse tunic #2

the first sew liberated schoolhouse tunic i made was a sample for the needle shop. so, i made it to fit the mannequin. i think it was a 2/4 aka too tiny for me.

so, i made another one in cloud 9 monsterz fabric designed by michele brummer everett.

i made it in "my size" aka i was lazy and didn't make a muslin.  and although i could/can get the garment on and it fits. it's uncomfortable. so, this tunic now resides in paloma's closet. :(   lucky duck. :)

i did make another one for me, the next size up....  stay tuned...

Thursday, February 6, 2014

schoolhouse tunic

my first schoolhouse tunic. 
pattern by sew liberated.
hapi camel blanket in cloud by amy butler.
fabric purchased at the needle shop

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Saturday, January 18, 2014

ruffle camisole

new ruffle camisole for me.  have grown weary of the wintry weather.  am in denial and making summery things....  

fabric purchased from the needle shop