Tuesday, June 4, 2013

built like a tank...

my sister bought a few malongs for me and for the longest time, i haven't done anything with them because a) i don't really wear them b) i really love the fabric and couldn't bear to cut it up...  

but i recently whittled down my stash again and found them and was inspired to use them, they're just too pretty to sit in a box.  i made one of them into a tiny pocket tank.  it's a very easy pattern - the instructions and diagrams are very clear.

i'm so pleased with how it turned out and how it fits.  and i actually have enough fabric left over to make a wrap skirt too!  bonus!  this tank is going to be a great layering addition.  looking forward to making more breezy tanks this summer...  maybe i should start a new challenge and make tanks on tuesdays! 

no.  that was a joke.  ;)

thanks for stopping by and visiting for a spell!