Sunday, October 31, 2010

happy halloween!

huzzah!!! a post that isn't a "dance friday"! :)

pictured above is the costume that the paloma wanted - a fancy firefly from the chasing fireflies catalog... the costume, including all the accessories (wings, antennae, glovelets, choker, earrings) would've cost about $120.00 (before tax, shipping, etc...)

porkchop wanted to be the engineer from the polar express:

i didn't actually see any engineer costumes at the halloween store, but i figured it would be easy to put together since i already had a white tee, an engineer cap and a red handkerchief. i just needed to make some overalls.

after the fabric/pattern hunt at joann, i started working on the porkchop's overalls first:

i purchased McCalls M4756. i was shocked that i found only two overall patterns. the other was too small - an infant size. i did have to add some length to the overalls since porkchop is so tall, but other than that, the pattern was very easy to follow. i couldn't find any striped denim to match his hat, but the dark dye denim i did find looked really good with it. of course, i had to buy some train buttons and a train patch too. and multitudes of heartfelt thank yous to the craft universe for the invention of snap tape! i'm thinkin' maybe porkchop can be a member of the dexy's midnight runners next year... har de har har... :)

the first thing i had to do re: paloma's costume was find the wings. the halloween store didn't have this color green in the dragonfly shape but they did have a lovely aqua blue and she liked the traditional wing shape and they were already on sale.... so i brought the wings with me to match fabrics. (just don't tell her she looks like a fairy... you won't hear the end of it...)

luckily, i also had patterns for paloma already - i used the bubble dress pattern from Simplicity 2767 and i used the petals from McCalls M4622 to make a tutu to go over the dress. make it and love it blog has a great tutorial for making the glovelets. i bought some pipe cleaners and added them to a headband she already had. she was a little disappointed that the dress didn't light up like the one in the catalog, but she loves the assorted glitter, crystals and mini paillettes on the dress and wings. i'm especially happy that she has an actual dress to enjoy as well, not another costume dress (we have many) for pretend play.

ennyhoo... i'm soooo glad, i finished these costumes... and i'm sooo looking fwd to watching the kids show them off tomorrow night!

hope you have a happy halloween! thanks for coming by and reading. :)