Sunday, January 10, 2010


i love that name.... sometimes i think it's underused as the generic name for an ice resurfacer... why don't we use " zamboni!" to express our joy in recognizing the little things that make our lives easier... like self adhesive stamps or pocket packs of kleenex... :)

speaking of ice resurfacing... one of the family nieces is hosting her birthday party at an ice rink. my stepsister asked me to make our niece's Springfield Doll something new to wear - of course, i responded, "how about an iceskating dress?". she replied, "that's perfect!" so, i made two from Butterick pattern 3329:

little known fact about mamazilla: i used to make dancewear and iceskating costumes for a local company - Designs By Valerry. it was a really extraordinary experience. my bosses and co-workers were lovely, knowledgable and totally laid back... i learned a LOT about garment construction, pattern making/drafting and sewing - especially for knits (a whole world outside of wovens) and decorative stuff/sequins/beading, etc...

i didn't have a lot of time to go fabric shopping so, i had to go with what i had at the local Joann's. my intuition told me to look for the stretch braid first since that's what's really hard to find... at least something that looks nice... especially in a small size for a doll...

of course, they didn't have any stretch trim (that wasn't hideous) in such a small size... and for stretch fabrics you should always have a stretch trim (please don't ask me why a doll would need a stretch fabric or stretch trim... it's not like she knows her movement is restricted...)

so, here is my tip o' the day: don't be afraid to buy stretch sequin trim that is too big:

you can always cut it down:

when you turn the stretch trim over you'll see that all three rows of sequin are chainstitched separately (see navy thread) and then looped together (see lt. blue thread)... just use a set of embroidery scissors or sewing nippers to clip the looping thread - NOT THE CHAINSTITCH. you'll have three single chains of sequin in no time... also, make sure when you machine stitch it down, you a) use transparent thread as your top thread b) you stitch the sequins so they are lying down properly... just feel them thru your fingers - one way they fly up, another way, they lay down flat, like fish scales... ZAMBONI! :)

and i'm off... back to the lamb drawing board i go...