Monday, May 17, 2010

what i did on mother's day...

also known as "why i didn't wish you a happy mother's day..." :)

i am a glutton for punishment. i (once again) was determined to make presents instead of buying them. so, for my mother, my stepsister and my stepsister's mother in law i made little reversible satchels (w/ new added pockets) like i made for paloma's teacher.

i also added some matching accessories - a tissue case, an eyeglass/sunglass case and a fabric flower brooch:

anyhoo... i really hope you gave yourself some much deserved R & R on mother's day... an hour of two before mother's day lunch, i finally unclenched. :)

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Monday, May 3, 2010

National Teacher Day on May 4th

so, on my calendar (and the linked website), national teacher day is celebrated tomorrow...

which does not explain the phonecall i received from my husband shortly after he walked the paloma to school:

the thin man: "um... did you know that today is national teacher day?"

me: "um... according to my calendar that's tomorrow."

the thin man: "well, according to all the other children and parents with flowers and gifts that were gleefully standing in line... it's today."

me: *shakes fist at sky*

anyhoo.... lately, i've been REALLY good at making gifts instead of buying them... and i wasn't going to let someone else's errant reading of the calendar stop me.

the only thing i could think of making without the use of notions (i.e. zippers, snaps, buttons, etc...) was a bag of some kind... i did some googling and found this lovely tutorial for a reversible bag from the verypurpleperson blog.

i have a lot of fabric (no!? really!?) and i picked a bunch of different combinations, but i went with a neutral palette anyway... it's kinda "listening to van morrison, drinking wine coolers at the lake" summery... :)

the paloma's teacher is really nice and has been one of the many highlights to the paloma first grade year... i'm glad that i can make something for her that will brighten up an already beautiful day... i really hope the paloma didn't feel too bad about not having something for her this morning... eek. :(

last but not least - to the teachers who made the realm of H*LL, otherwise known as high school, bearable (and oftentimes magical) for me, thank you, thank you, thank you... especially Mr. Harper, Mr. Thetard, Mr. Wood and Mr. Poehler. :)

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